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A Paperless Board Meeting Guide

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The old adage “less is more” is a common occurrence in https://edgudent.com/balancing-budget-and-security-how-to-choose-the-right-data-room/ many situations in everything from the length of speeches to the use of natural resources, and golf strokes. It also applies in the case of the use of paper during board meetings. Becoming a paperless board requires careful planning and dedication from the entire team. However at the end of the day the outcomes are worth the effort. The following article by our friends at BoardEffect goes over some of the essential points to keep in mind as you make the transition to a paper-free board.

Boards face many challenges, including the time needed to review and prepare material for meetings. With the help of a portal for board members, directors can access the documents they require before their meetings and be able to view them on any device. Directors can even sign an electronic board book, that allows for a unanimous written consent prior to the meeting. This reduces printing shipping, distribution and other costs.

A board management application can help you ensure that all meeting documents remain current. With the aid of a board management app the updates are immediately reflected to all users, which makes the process effective and saves on hours of resource.

As with any new software it is important to provide adequate training and support for board members. This will ensure that they become familiar with the functionality and make use of the software efficiently to boost their productivity.

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