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Global Business 101

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The old saying abounds “it’s a small world.” It’s true in terms of your ability to access information from all over the world and your ability to connect with important decision makers and leaders from all over the globe. This is more apparent than in the global business, which covers any company or organisation that conducts business outside of its home country.

Companies of all sizes must ensure that they are ready to tackle the challenges of global trade. This includes understanding the nuances of international business as well as being able to work effectively with partners and colleagues from other countries.

The undergraduate Journal of Global Business and Trade (JGBT) includes research papers, reports, and commentaries that are relevant to the business of globalization. It is also the official journal of CUIBE which is the Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education.

If you’re an owner of a business that is considering entering global markets or simply need to ensure your team is ready to go global, it is important to know the impact of cultural differences on the success of your business abroad. It is important to learn the customs, holidays and social norms that are common in the different cultures you could encounter while conducting international business. It’s the best way to increase your “export IQ.” It might also be helpful to know what to expect from business partners in different countries, like different levels of comfort with personal space or how to greet your coworker in a foreign language.

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